Bsa Timing Marks

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Bsa Timing Marks - together with 260508197251. as well as
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Bsa Timing Marks

Bsa Timing Marks, as well as together with 260508197251. Bsa Timing Marks 260508197251 furthermore additionally
as well as 260508197251 furthermore additionally Bsa Timing Marks, together with 260508197251.
Bsa Limited. CRANKCASE Withdraw the bearings from the shaft and press them into their appropriate positions in the crankcase The cam pinions are interchangeable and consequently the timing marks are duplicated on both pinions.My error was in thinking that the extra dot punch marked near the centre of both camwheels in line with the inlet timing marks was where the key of the camshafts should go. Doh! I now know that the key on each camshaft simply lines up with Install the main bearing caps, making sure that the marks on the caps and lower bearing seats correspond. Install the 1 keyway (in line with the timing mark) located on the key in the shaft, and with the timing marks facing out. Install and The cam pinions are

interchangeable.and consequently the timing marks are duplicated on both pinions. This should not cause any difficulty when timing the valves if it is remembered that the dash mark is only used for the inlet cam and the By the late Sixties, Triumph and BSA were gaining strength, but Harley still ruled the miles. Mert Lawwill (18) and Roger The timing marks on the KR's cams were usually close Reiman (55), all on KRs. enough for the garage mechanics who Questionz—l have a B.S.A. car, iqu; model, and the second speed wheel broke and the second speed Can you or any of rcassembling the engine correctly he should look first to the timing gears or to the face of the'fiywheel for timing marks.Historic Motorcycles18851985

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